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Bike-Scout presents information including photographs concerning Mountainbike tours. Additionally links have been incorporated into the pages, offering plentiful, interesting and important information together with advice with particular regard to Turkey, Antalya and the Lycian Coast

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The MTB-Guide Turkish Riviera / Lycian Coast published by the "Bergverlag Rother" is on sale now and provides information on tours in the following Regions:

   - Antalya         (Tour starting point District Konyaalti)
   - Kemer           (Tour starting point City Center; Fountain)
   - Tekirova       (Tour starting point Road Connection D 400)
   - Kas               (Tour starting point City Center Harbour; Atatürk Monument)
   - Kalkan           (Tour starting point City Center)
   - Fethiye         (Tour starting point City Center; Obelisk at Harbour)

You will find more precise information under     REGIONEN     (German until changed)
The guide covers all kinds of tours from simple short routes for the beginner through to longer routes of up to 120 km reaching heights of up to 2015 m altitude with a total rise of 2750 m as well as testing passages which place demands on even the most seasoned Mountainbiker. Just wait and see! You can also find further information at      
Bergverlag Rother       (German Publisher)
A trial tour will be incorporated here in due course. You will find new photographs and pictures in our   
GALLERIE   (German until changed) which will be regularly updated.

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           Wutz Eichhorn



             What awaits you:

as described previously, the guide deals with various regions of the turkish riviera and the lycian coast. Every tour in each of the regions has a easy to get to start and finishing point.

Additional long journeys with the bike, bus or car to get to the tour starting point are not necessary.

Based on one tour per day, each region offers enough tours for a stay of one week. In the region Kemer/Tekirova there is an extensive Bike programme, enough to fill a two week holiday. The tours described cater for every taste. From an easy flat tour through to tours of average difficulty and climbs through to tours with high climbs and demanding descents - everything is available. And of course not to forget the wide variety of nature and culture offered. The most part of each tour takes you through wonderful surroundings and scenery. Towns of historical interest are sometimes even the finishing point of some of the tours.

You will find a more detailed description of the tours under       REGIONEN.     (German until changed)

You would like more information concerning the how and why of the guides? - Click      ALLGEMEIN         (German until changed)

Is Turkey a country for Mountain Bikers? - Definitely! Some of the good reasons are to be found here:        "Why Turkey?"         (German until changed)

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Cheap Turkey Holidays in April/ May

April and May are very busy times in Turkey with plenty of different celebrations and festivals that will probably take your fancy. There’s the Traditional Manisa Mesir festival where Mesir, a blend of 41 different herbs and spices, is thrown from the minaret of the Sultan Mosque against a backdrop of concerts, craft exhibitions and sporting events. Turkish Children’s Day is another festival that is worth taking a look at, especially if you have children. On April 23 every year, Turkish children travel to the Grand National Assembly in Ankara where they replace the Turkish government and run the country for a day! Children from other countries often provide entertainment such as theatre and music for their Turkish hosts. Kids will love this, so if you’re on a family holiday, this is a great way to keep them entertained. Children will also be entertained by the Ankara Cartoon Festival around the same time. At this event, some of the world’s greatest cartoonists compete against each other to produce their wittiest cartoons about a specific theme and it’s always good fun. There are plenty of film festivals in Turkey around this time too. There’s the Ankara Film and Music festival where you’ll be able to see many different types of Turkish and international musicians, as well as what’s known as the “Turkish Oscars” in the Film festival itself. In Istanbul there’s the international film festival too which is considered one of the most important film festivals in the world, and Turkey’s own version of Cannes.

Cheap Turkey Holidays in October

October features a number of other festivals such as the Ataturk Dam Watersports Festival which is held annually in Sanliurfa. There are all sorts of water events such as rowing, sailing and canoeing, and teams from all over the world attend to compete. The Alanya International Culture and Arts Festival is another must see if you’re interested in the countries culture and traditions. Turkish music and poetry are celebrated in Alanya, which is a beautiful holiday destination with gorgeous beaches and fantastic hotels and restaurants.

These are just some of the things you’ll get to witness if you visit Turkey outside of the busy summer period, so if it’s a cheap Turkey holiday you’re after, you should consider booking in any of these three months.